The bare back wall of the Salem Police Dispatch room has now been filled with a colorful steel sign marking the Police Department’s Communication Center. The round sign has 911 in the center and three segments containing the names police, fire and EMS.

Lead Telecommunicator Justin Draper came up with the sign idea.

“We had an anonymous donor donate some money so they gave me the go ahead to start the process on it. We approached Americana and when I asked for a quote they told me they would like to donate it instead.”

The Vice President of Operations Geff Purcell says they are very proud to support the police department and give back for what the department has done for Americana. He notes the process of finalizing the design utilized a recently added graphic artist and CAD Operator.

“Its kind of a neat use of the new equipment we’ve been integrating into the companies. We are doing a lot more sign type applications with some of our park type structures people are putting City of Salem or Bryan Park integrated into the park so kind of a neat feature of our new technology.”

Purcell says the powder coating division was also used to complete the multiple piece 70-pound sign.

The sign was officially hung in the telecommunications center in time for the start of Telecommunicator week.

Meanwhile, Purcell says American now has over 110 employees, with 90 of those in Salem.

Source:  WJBD Radio

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The 34th Annual Home Show

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